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Sprag Components (Pty) Ltd have been awarded the agency for Stieber Germany as of 1st December 2008.

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Sprag Components - Sprag Bearings - Freewheels and more...

Sprag Stock Holding & Supply

Sprag Components holds extensive stock on sprag components and products that include all standard sprag bearings, freewheels and back stops. Our main supply source is Stieber GmbH of Germany for whom we became an official agency in December 2008. Stieber has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1997 and according to ISO 14001 (enviroment management system) since 2000. We do our best to keep stock of all available product types, at all times, to be able to offer our clients the luxury of on the spot delivery.

Manufacturing of Sprag Components and Sprag Products

Sprag Components has extensive expertise and experience in the manufacturing of a wide range of sprag products and components that include small applications in printing machines, backstops for bakeries and bucket elevators, large clutches and torque arms for conveyors or kilns and tube mills, one-way freewheels and high speed back stopping applications such as fans and electric motors. All our manufacturing services are guided by our state of the art quality managements system.

Consultation & Advice on all your Sprag Related Queries

Sprag Components has the expertise, training and knowledge to consult and advise clients on new applications and designs. We customize designs fit-for-purpose to client needs and requirements. We work in closest co-operation with the client from conception to delivery.

Sprag Repairs on Stieber / Ringspann / GMN and Large Conveyor

Sprag Components repairs products that include the following brands and their equivalents:• Stieber • Ringspann • GMN • Sprag Components Large Conveyor

GFR Roller Type Freewheel