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Sprag Components (Pty) Ltd have been awarded the agency for Stieber Germany as of 1st December 2008.

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We will provide our customers with a large range of all standard sprag bearings, freewheels and back stops direct from Stieber Germany.

Sprag Components is a leading provider of a comprehensive range of one-way freewheel, back stop and cam clutch solutions. We design, manufacture, repair, stock and supply sprag and transmission related products and components.

Accredited Agents of Stieber GmbH Sprag Components

As an accredited agent of Stieber GmbH of Germany Sprag Components stocks a wide range of 'off-the-shelf' sprag ranges that include shaft mounted units for most gearbox brands, which we can directly supply to our customers.

Our highly qualified team of engineers can design sprag based
products at the cutting edge of latest sprag / transmission technology. We manufacture our own designs in our well equipped engineering workshop. Similarly we repair sprag based products, ranging from small applications in printing machines to large clutches and torque arms for conveyors or kilns and tube mills.

Sprag Components also applies our expertise to advise clients on new sprag technology, applications and designs.

Trusted by the Best, Trust us for the Best Sprag Components

Sprag Components serves a wide range of industries that include the conveyor, mining, industrial, gearbox and manufacturing sectors. Our clients include world brands such as Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Sasol and BMG.

Sprag Components was established in 1991 as a family business. Our excellent product range, professional service and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned us a loyal and growing international client base.

Sprag Components and Bearings

Indexing clutch

Indexing the freewheel allows the conversion of reciprocating motion into rotational movement.
Indexing clutch which turns a shaft step by step, thus achieving indexed material feed or a variable speed.